Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Sweet Sister in Engaged

We're all so excited that my little sis is engaged.  It was such fun picking up some gifts for her.
I picked up this Caterer's Set of dinner and salad plates. 

I love these cereal bowls we picked up.

and these cool cups and saucers
We did a fun Pamper the Bride package with massage, facial and pedicure. And picked up this pretty dress for her to wear to her showers.

She'll use this cool sign at the reception.

Up next-wedding cake tasting!

Friday, February 16, 2018

February Highlights

We made it up to the mountain three times to snowboard.

I finished a huge chunk of my work for spring semester.

These great books.

Plus these

Celebration for Tracie's birthday. We went to Verde Cocina which was very good. 

I wore this which I liked because it was my nod to Valentines day with the pink. 
Jeans, old Vest, Boots, Similar Top

Valentine's Day-We bought Maui tickets for the family and will get to go in April. 

These movies

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Gifts

I adopted a friend's family tradition of a Valentines Day shoes as a gift.

So I sent Ashley these cute boots she picked along with some cozy socks, and a new toiletry bag.

Aaron's shoes

And I picked up these comfy PJ's

We did a Family Valentines Day Card which we sent out to friends and family.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

January Highlights

January Highlights

A brunch with Emily, Marcella and Kaslynn for Emily's birthday.

A pretty sweater

These cool new jeans and tennis shoes.

A trip to Seaside for a basketball tournament.

I return to school and am excited especially for Filial therapy.  I'm excited to finish my final year. 

We got to the mountain four times to snowboard.

A wonderful lunch at Fireside in Portland and then a stop at The Meadow afterwards for chocolate.

Aaron made the Rippers team. He will have such a great summer playing for them.  We will get to go to Denver to compete as well.



Windells with a wonderful group of boys.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Favorites of 2017

Here are some of the Gander's favorites of 2017:
These first two came out in 2016 but we saw them in 2017.




These hiking boots

Rain boot

Aaron's favorite items of 2017
Airsoft gun

These river tubes

His bounce back

Dave's favorite buys

His new snowboard bindings

New favorite polos 


We love our new couch set.
We remodeled our main floor, a completely new kitchen, new doors and flooring. We took down walls, choose new appliances, counters and cabinets.  It was a dream come true. Here's the house all ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

One of Aaron's favorites was the snowstorm that hit Portland in January.  Aaron got to play in the snow with buddies for a week outside, instead of school.

Dave and Aaron got a fun snowboard day together.

Aaron and Keaton enjoyed some boarding time.  Aaron really improved at boarding this year and can do more tricks than Dave and I now.

We celebrated Emily's 30th birthday party and our traditional New Year's Take Two which we do for those of us who didn't get together on New Years.

Dave got to take his mom to Jerry Seinfeld.

The boys got to play on Wipe Out several times this year. 

Four happy trips to Windells to skate and swim after at the resort.

We made it to so many skate parks including a couple new ones like Keizer and Aumsville.


We made it to four paintball parks this year.  Several trips to Impact Action, plus Action Acres, Warpaint International and Splat Action.

Austin came to visit and he was a great help with the kids 5th grade graduation party.  We loved having him for Father's Day.

Father's Day walk with the family at the park after lunch. 

Oregon Trail Day with Aaron.

Graduation day for Aaron and his friends.  The backyard movie I helped host was a great success.

We love this slide that comes around the 4th of July and make daily trips to play and buy fireworks as soon as the stand goes up.

Fourth of July party at Kelley's

Soapy Trampoline

Dave and his friend Dennis went dirt bike riding.

Trips to Mt. Hood to bike.

 Dressing for a showing of Game of Thrones.

I met a wonderful friend named Kaslynn and her sweet pup Ava.  This was one of my biggest highlights of the year as they have become so dear to us.  We walked in the Robin Hood Parade with the pups.

Free Slurpee day

Lots of trips to the river over the summer to jump off rocks and float.

The boys did a great ropes course.

Dave and Aaron discovered frisbee golf.

Aaron enjoyed playing on a summer lacrosse team and we went to Bend to compete.

Dave enjoyed helping coach the basketball team in the spring and then later in the summer coaching several 3 on 3 team challenges. 

Salem competition

Dave got to go dirt bike riding with a friend this summer.

 A new ice cream shop, Handel's Ice Cream came to town and we make many stops for treats.

 Aaron learned to wake board!  He and Jake had such fun.

We discovered Get Air.


The Big Bounce

 Aaron ran several races this year.
Hero Up 5k

Color Run


 Turkey Trot

 First day of Middle School

Aaron got to meet his hero Paul Rabil and do a clinic with him.

 Aaron ran cross country this fall.

We took 12 boys to a haunted Halloween maze.

 My helper for maze-yea for Kaslynn.

Marcella's birthday dinner at Chart House

Kaslynn and I enjoyed many hikes with the pups since we met.  Looking forward to many more this next year. 

Aaron's enjoying this year's basketball team.

 A fun birthday party to celebrate Aaron's 12th.

We got a on of snow early on the mountain and are putting our passes to use!

Ashley and Jack came to visit. We enjoyed meals, a trip to the beach, a great hike and time in Portland.

 Christmas Eve service 

Christmas with the family

Discovering that our nearby church rents out their van!

I finished another year of graduate school and have just one year left to complete. 

Dave finished in top 5 for the company in sales.  Way to go Dave!

The last week of the year we tried to hit as many favorite spots as we could.

Get Air

Keizer Skate Park

New Years Eve snowboarding day