Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Aaron's Birth Story

Aaron's arrival was so smooth.  I went into labor as we were picking up a pizza from one of our favorite pizza spots-Bellagios. I felt this pain in my back and side like I've never felt before. Dave grabbed pizza and even though it smelled so good all I could do was breath through the painful contractions.  We went home, packed up, and headed to the hospital.  Mom and Dad met us there and Dad took our puppy Koby up to their house.  Mom started helping me through the contractions with encouraging words.  It was so helpful to get in the hot tub and labor in there a while.  About 10 hours into the labor I was done with the pain though and got an epidural, which surprisingly didn't help as much as I was hoping.  Three hours later though the pain was over and I had a sweet little 5.5 pound baby. He was such a tiny thing.

Dr. Bauer was an amazing doctor.

Ashley and Austin came straight to the hospital after being picked up from the airport for their Christmas break.  Their Dad said that I was working at the hospital and that it would be fun to bring me flowers.  Surprise-the new baby is here.  They were so careful and sweet with their new baby brother.

My sister Shelly was at the beach overnight when Aaron came but she got back just about an hour after he was born and did his hearing screening and held the baby. This is one of our favorite nurses-Elaine-who I have known for years.

I was so glad to take you home on Christmas day

Our puppy Koby wanted to see the new baby

Aaron is protesting the kisses Dad is trying to give him.

Viva, Jeff and Matt came to the house and brought dinner one night.

Uncle Matt

Aaron loved to be jiggled in Dad's hand back and forth

Mom brought dinner too-what a help!

Friend Jody gets a visit with Aaron.

He didn't like his swing very well.  He preferred to be held at all times.