Sunday, January 1, 2006

Snapshots of Aaron's First Year

Grammy showing Aaron the horse at the beach

Swim time with Auntie Shelly 

First Haircut


First bike

He liked sitting in this pan at Mom's house.

Trampoline with Dad

Swimming at the YMCA with sister Ashley. Aaron also loved the warm water of Children of the Sea for swim lessons with Mommy. Lessons here.

We took Aaron to Maui when he was a couple months old and again right after he turned one.

We played in the water quite a bit.

We played at our parks.

We took lots of walks around our town.

First Pumpkin Patch

Walking on his first birthday

Holidays 2005

The Holidays 2005
A brand new little person arrives
New Years with kids at home-getting to know our new little guy

Dave took the kids up to sled one day over the holiday as well. They had a great time.