Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Turning 30

50 Things I've Accomplished Before Turning 30:

  1. fallen in love
  2. married a wonderful man
  3. milked a cow
  4. volunteered at a soup kitchen - more than once.
  5. learned to change a tire
  6. taken a road trip 
  7. gone rock climbing
  8. sung karaoke
  9. spent a day just  lounging in bed and was ok with it 
  10. Got to do some scuba diving –and got certified
  11. kissed in the rain
  12. played in the mud
  13. went to a drive in theater
  14. got flowers for no reason
  15. played in Vegas
  16. walked the golden gate bridge
  17. touched a sting ray
  18. was brave through a broken bone, surgeries and ER visits
  19. had a body part pierced other then your ears
  20. ran a marathon 
  21. ridden horses
  22. own a animal-a little Boston
  23. spent a weekend in NY, San Diego, San Fran, LA
  24. traveled to  Mexico and Canada-and Tahiti
  25. got motorcycle license permit and a motorcycle 
  26. learned to snowboard
  27. graduated from college
  28. surfed
  29. had a spa day
  30. bounced back from a broken heart
  31. slept in my car
  32. went camping
  33.  have a 401k
  34. have a doctor and insurance
  35. had fun gambling-but never lost much
  36. visited the nations capitol
  37. voted
  38. bought a house
  39. watched whales up close
  40. had a baby
  41. stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise
  42. grown and eaten my own vegetables
  43. slept under the stars
  44. had lots of snowball fights
  45. spent time camping
  46. spent a day at a theme park-and ridden a roller coaster
  47. learned to rollerblade/roller skate
  48. learned to ice skate and skate board-skateboarding needs more work
  49. kayaked with dolphins
  50. caught lobsters with my bare hands