Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To my hubby as he turns 40

Dear David,
The name David means beloved. And you are. You are admired, well-liked, revered and highly regarded by those that know you. Another word for beloved is favorite and that fits best for me because you are my favorite. My favorite person in this world. I treasure you. Here are some of my favorite things about you.

You are handsome beyond words.

You are funny.

You work so hard to take care of your family.

You listen to my worries.

You listen to my complaints.

You share in my joys.

 You are patient.

Wonderful with your children

You are good at repairing things.


You worry and care if I'm not home on time.

You pick me up on rainy cold nights and save me from myself downtown (see I wouldn't have been able to add this to the list if it hadn't happened so maybe it's good)

You make me calm.

You take care of me when I am sick or hurt.

You are wise.
You ask for forgiveness when you are wrong.

You accept my apologies and don't hold a grudge when I am wrong.

You love my family and help take care of them.

You are good with money.

I love your blue eyes,

and kind smile,

and tall, broad body.

You fight fair.

You are steady,

reliable and


You make me feel loved, connected to you and treasured.

You cook great meals and make sure your family is well fed.

You helped so much at Aaron's school while he attended Montessori.

You are my favorite friend and lover!