Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 miles since I'm in my 30's-November 2010

Saturday my sister and I ran a 50k -31.07 miles-we went a little off course for a bit so thus the 32 miles.  The Autumn Leaves race put on by Oregon Road Racers Club was amazing.  The race was at  Champoeg Park, which is a beautiful location in the farmlands of the Willamette Valley.  Our job was to run five 10 k loops.  We were upbeat and quick during the first couple of laps, chatting, playing little games etc. However, after 3 was done we were losing steam.  We did it though and felt so successful on that final lap.  Because we moved at such a relaxed speed we aren't even too sore.  A wonderful heat massage the next day was our reward.  Our first ultra was a great success.  Shelly got 30 miles in since she's 30 and I was not about to run an extra mile since I'm 33 so I say instead of running our age in miles I'm running about 30 miles since I'm in my 30's.  Otherwise this goal is just going to get harder and harder:)
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