Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 to do

To do before summer:
  1. Run a 7 min mile
  2. PR at my next marathon-get under 4 hours if possible
  3. Develop a blog-post something every week
  4. Scan all pictures we own and organize them on the computer.
  5. Commitment to relationships-meet with a friend or family remember every month. Build strong relationships. Host a get-together every month.
  6. Tithe and give to others
  7. Buy another duplex
  8. Try a new restaurant or cafe every month and document choice on blog
  9. Buy a gift/special something for someone every month
  10. Host a great thanksgiving
  11. Have a great Christmas visit with the kids
  12. Celebrate Valentines day in France
  13. Study and learn about Italy and visit in Feb
  14. Learn and read more about parenting of Aaron

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