Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My weekend-It's going to be a repeat of last weekend.

So, our weekends are Wednesday and Thursday so since it's Tuesday it's Friday!  Last weekend Dave and I got his haircut and found out we get to be in our hairdressers upcoming wedding in June!  We love Nikki so this will be fun. We will be walking her dear pet Boston dog, and our Boston's brother, down the isle.  We get to be the handlers. I will have to pick something fun for Dave and I to wear.  While Dave was getting his cut I got to enjoy the mall a bit.  It was fun to see the new spring items at H&M, Jcrew, Lucky and Gap.  We got to the mountain and had a great time in the hot tub.  We love the sensation of cold snow on your face and head while the rest of you is toasty beneath the water.  We got our favorite burger from Ice House Burger which has Gorgonzola cheese, pepper bacon and fried onions with their amazing porter BBQ sauce-soooo good. We watched our favorite show Modern Family and in the morning got to snowboard in fluffy white powder because it's snowing like crazy on the mountain.  It was nice because we also got some chores done, the new renter situated in our duplex and some reading time with Aaron in.  Recently I got Aaron the hooked on phonics set and I love it. 

Also, for Aaron as gift for Easter (in his Easter basket no less) we are buying him this!

So, tomorrow it's Wednesday again and although we won't get up to the mountain until later because we have a board meeting at Aaron's school I'm excited for a good workout and massage in the morning and maybe we'll get our burger a little later at Ice Axe Grill.  The snow looks incredible again!

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