Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday-or Tuesday for me

1.   What I love most about my home is       my backyard, which entertains my five year old for hours.  We got the basketball area all finished and a brand new trampoline.  I love eating out on the deck and having barbeque's too.

2.  I'm excited because,   Aaron is more self-sufficient and at a fun age.

3.  My preferred method for blowing  off steam when I'm frustrated is     to call my sister and talk about it.

4.  Currently I am craving  chicken noodle soup-feeling kind of sick today so that sounds good.

5.  The thing I love most about my mom is    How she taught us to play and pray.

6.  If I was going to write a book about my life, the title would be     Staying on the Sunny Side of Life.

7.  If I were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity it would be       burritos-you could make them for breakfast, lunch or dinner and they are so perfect because you would have your protein, carb, veggies all in one.


Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

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