Monday, May 23, 2011

May Highlights and Goals for June

May Highlights
  1. I got to meet Kara Goucher!
  2. We got to snowboard 3 times
  3. I ran a wonderful 10 mile race with cousin Melissa, Shelly and friend Sharon.
  4. We got a great new trampoline and got the backyard concrete finished.  We painted the side of the house, painted areas looking worn on barbecue and did some yard work. The backyard is my favorite part of the house now.  I love watching bunny run around and play.  I love the grass looking healthy Aaron and his friends have water fights and play in the pool.  I'm so excited for summer and more time to sit on my back porch eating and relaxing.
  5. Raised money for the school through the jog-a-thon. Helped plan and put on the jog-a-thon
  6. We got a snowboard for Aaron so he can board with us this next year
  7. We restocked the wine rack and are all stocked up for summer.
  8. I got the summer all mapped out with fun activities.
Goals for June
  1. Weekend mountain trip with the sisters and 1/2 marathon run on Mt Hood with Shelly
  2. Aaron's first snowboard lesson
  3. Prep for kids visit-organize games and movies and get new xbox
  4. Host dinner for family after Aaron's exhibition gymnastics event
  5. Attend one adult gymnastics class at OMEGA gym on Wednesday evening.
  6. Wash windows and blinds and other touch up projects around the house
  7. Get summer pictures done of Aaron and Calvin
  8. Plan 2 playdates for Aaron

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