Monday, June 13, 2011

Fishing with my boys

On the ride up to the mountain we got an amazing strawberry milkshake at Burgerville.  Oh it was heaven. We swam in the pool and watched the Karate Kid together. What a golden Sunday family day we had.  This was Aaron's third time ever fishing.  He was tentative at first about reaching in and grabbing his worm but after a few minutes he was a pro and even put his worm on his own hook.  Dave was telling me his pole was hard to cast with but Aaron said, "I can do it Dad" and he did.  He held down the button just right and did great casting and reeling in over and over.  Dave did catch a nice little fish but we put him back, much to Aaron's dismay, as he was just too little. Aaron loved finding feathers and getting into the water.  It was pretty warm for early June on the mountain.  He got all his clothes wet within a half hour. 

Clear Lake was a lake we hadn't been to on Mt Hood so it was fun do discover another area to play.  It was wonderful to lay back and relax and just listen to the breeze and water lapping at the shore.  I loved watching Aaron's face so focused as he puts marshmallows or worms on his hook.  Aaron mimics what ever his Dads says and does.  He says, " Dad I need a weight on my hook-although he doesn't know why.

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