Friday, June 3, 2011

Timberline 1/2

well it ended up being 14.2 miles-around Timothy Lake on Mt Hood this weekend. It was a tough race!  I didn't feel like I could get enough air the entire time and the terrain took some maneuvering. Shelly set a great pace and I definitely lagged behind as she found a good pack to run with.  I was so proud of her, as she placed 4th overall for women and 1st in her age group. Go Sister!

It was wonderful to have the sisters together for the weekend.  Lauralea watched the little guys while we ran. We all got to swim together, eat and read stories to the kids Saturday night and then Aaron got to swim twice more Sunday.  She really helped make it wonderful.  I got her the skin care line that I got for Shelly and myself as well as a cute tee and new socks as a thank you. We returned home very tired, Aaron even took a two hour nap, but very content with a weekend well spent!

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