Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I did before 34

  • Traveled to Europe
  • I ran a marathon and an ultra and several 1/2s-the Timothy Lake 1/2 and Wine Run 1/2 were so hard.  Lacamas was amazing though.
  • I volunteered my time by being on the school board
  • I worked on the house and we updated it some with a great basketball area/yard work and new trampoline
  • We got our summer chores down with some help from Austin who did the power washing. We also finished our inside painting and windows/blinds and major house cleaning.
  • We got Aaron a snowboard and helped him ski some this year so it will be so fun to try the snowboard together this next year.
  • We got to snowboard more then we ever have.-16 times!  What a great season
  • I got to work on my blog.
  • I scanned all our family pictures into the computer
  • Made a commitment to relationships where I met with a friend or family member every month for time together.
  • Had good trips with the kids both Christmas and Summer.  We were able to help support Ashley with school and her surgery on her mouth at Christmas.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Mountain Trip 2011

The boys went up in Tanner's jeep and got to stay a night by themselves!

We had lots of pool time and all the boys played football.

Kelly and Tara and their little girl Izzy joined us for pool time and dinner.

Thanks for treating Grandpa Bill

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calvin's Turning 2

We are doing a fantastic Elmo party for little Calvin next Saturday. Here are some of the details.
The party will be here:

And I found a great Etsy shop and got some cute printables for the party

We are going to do some Elmo crafts

Eat a picnic lunch of fruit, pita sandwiches and cupcakes

Make these awesome human bubbles

My friend helped me make cute Elmo tee shirts for everyone with Calvin's 2nd Birthday printed on the back

And play in the river!

The happenings that make up summer for me

Aaron's horse riding lessons

Play dates with friend Izzy

and Avery

Lime and lemon drops

Barbeque's with friends

Happy hours with friends and family

Trips to Cannon beach

Fun kids over at the house

  • Lots of walks with our dog and some outdoor concerts-we saw Aaron's new favorite band Hit Machine 3 times.
  • Family bike rides
  • Committed to wearing dresses twice a week to work

Reading-my favorite book this summer is The Help

Funny movies-Hangover, Horrible Bosses and Jackass 3 all made us laugh.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bartini with the girls-such fun

The girls decided we needed a Sunday afternoon happy hour so we went here:
They had good fun and a really long martini list full of neat flavors.

Misty and I

Kelly, Jerri, Me, Misty, Emily

We love our bunny

Monday, July 25, 2011

This week:

            This week I'm doing some journaling with the help of this book:

and finishing scanning the last of the family pictures into the computer.  Next will be the editing of them and putting all these darn pictures back in their album's. I'm getting close though.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Living in Portland is my favorite


I love Portland.  It's July and it still hasn't gotten hot.  In fact it's rainy and cool today.  We haven't had much summer but I'm ok with that.  Everything is green instead of brown and everything smells fresh.  Thank you Portland for your moderate, cool climate!
photo courtesy of

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kelly's 40th and Farm to Fork

We get to eat here to celebrate our friend Kelly's 40th.  Here's some pics of the evening.
Farn to Fork

On the patio all ready for the evening.

Kelly, Dave and Jon

After dinner we went back to our place for wine.  Kelly always harasses me about owning a pet bunny because in New Zealand, where he's from, they eat them. When I went to download my pictures I found these pictures of the boys pretending to grill and eat bunny-naughty boys.

The birthday boy and girlfriend Tara

Jon and his girlfriend Heather