Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girls Hangover Party

Pictures of our Hangover themed Goodbye Party for Melissa

Emily seen above made us these great shirts.  All the shirts had a different quote from the movie Hangover on the front and different pictures on the back.  I  had picked up the grey shirts from Gap in our sizes earlier in the week and Emily used her printer to create the iron ons. Of course everyone else has a great picture here but I have on a goofy smile.

We didn't have any pictures of the guest of honor: Mellisa-seen here with me

So, we printed one off her facebook and had a cake made-it said too da loo-Chow's saying from Hangover.

We decorated with bobble heads from the movie.

I got the Tiger in the bathroom-he was a white one though.

Giant cut out Allen

And I wanted to put these cool pictures from the calender all over but didn't get time but we had fun looking at the pictures.

Ring pops to represent Stu's wedding

Skittles from Alan's purse to snack on

I got to wear my Alan shirt

I did the speech Alan did in the movie-I even pulled out a pocketknife for effect:)

And Emily did the speech from the second movie later in the restaurant.

Had our Jagger shot drink

Laid out by the pool

Sang some karaoke

Where we ate these great jello shots shaped like fruit-so cute and thanks Emily

We had lime drops.
We went here-Ratskeller on Mt Hood and got some pizza.

Met a snowboarder with a boxer and he walked us back to the lodge

We decided it would be cool to sneak into hot tub after it was closed but hoping the fence just left injuries on Melissa and I so we did the smarter thing and went over to the adjoining units hot tub which was fun.
We ended the night relaxing watching this of course

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