Monday, August 15, 2011

34-A reflection on this past year

I traveled to Europe-a highlight of my year for sure.

I ran a marathon and an ultra and several 1/2s-the Timothy Lake 1/2 and Wine Run 1/2 were so hard. Lacamas was amazing though.

I volunteered my time by being on the school board

I worked on the house and we updated it some with a great basketball area/yard work and new trampoline

We got our summer chores down with some help from Austin who did the power washing. We also finished our inside painting and windows/blinds and major house cleaning.

We got Aaron a snowboard and helped him ski some this year so it will be so fun to try the snowboard together this next year.

We got to snowboard more then we ever have-16 times! What a great season

I got to work on my blog.

I scanned all our family pictures into the computer.

We had good trips with the kids both Christmas and Summer. We were able to help support Ashley with school and her surgery on her mouth at Christmas.

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