Monday, August 29, 2011

August ta-das and goals for September

August ta-das

  • Aaron got to work out in August with the level 4 team boys all month!  It was a lot getting him there for all the practices and he had to work hard with both gymnastics and karate some days but he did great.
  • Took Aaron to Les Miserables-my favorite Broadway production.
  • Had a wonderful time with Grandparents at mountain
  • Put on a successful birthday party for Calvin.
  • My first ballet class
  • We went to the beach twice and the mountain twice
Goals for September
  • Finish painting the inside of our house
  • Learn to use the cool camera Dad's lending me
  • Finish scanning pictures into computer
  • Help Mom with cleaning at her house.
  • Use new workout tapes PX90 three times a week.
  • Plan Halloween party

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