Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food, Decor and Gifts for Calvin's Birthday

We had whole wheat pita sandwiches, ice tea, lime water, a veggie and fruit platter, sun chips, baked potato chips and jalapeno chips.

Shelly made the healthy zucchini cupcakes.  The cupcake toppers, food labels, banner and printables on the craft table were all done by this crafty lady Amanda over at Etsy.  

My friend Emily made these shirts which said, "Happy Birthday Calvin, We Love you" on the back.  Thank you Emily

Chocolate goldfish to snack on

Grandma practiced with Calvin all year so he would blow out his candle.

Aaron wanted to blow out candle.

Calvin loved his gifts-he got trucks, new pajamas, new clothes, a fun Grover and books:)

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