Sunday, December 30, 2012

Highlights of 2012

  • We started the New Year off right with a great New Year's Eve Party at Hotel 50 with great friends. Spending the first day of the 2012 recovering and relaxing after a great night with friends was perfect.
  • A week later we got to celebrate one of our close friend's-Emily's birthdays with karaoke and dancing.  
  • We got to go to Seattle and see Cousin Randy get married. It was a wonderful time of there for the weekend with the family.
  • I got a ton of pictures organized and scanned into the computer this year. This was especially nice because when Grandpa passed away a video was quickly made with these pictures.
  • We got some work on the basement area and garage.
  • Worked on Emily's bach night and got to be her bridesmaid
  • Great spring break with Ashley!
  • Amazing Spring break with Soulagnets and Stevensens
  • We got up to the mountain 10 times this year to board
  • Great 35th Birthday at the mountain with friends
  • Watched Aaron participate in Football, basketball and karate
  • Great St Patrick's day and Cinco de May out with friends
  • Got to see Austin graduate from high school
  • Fun 4th of July at ft Vancouver with friends
  • Good summer visit with both kids
  • We had a great 80's Halloween Party.
  • Dave got to celebrate his 43rd Birthday at Rock Bottom with friends and Karaoke later that night.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Highlights 2012

Dave and Aaron went to the company Christmas party.

Aaron got to go to his first Blazer game. He and Dave got great seats.

We watched some fun movies

I ate too many of these-soooo good

Had a great breakfast and lunch on Christmas at Mom's. Here's a picture of scrabble time.

Aaron got his Nintendo DS which he was thrilled about.

And Aaron sewed this great gift to Dave and I

Time with the new cousin

Pretty Centerpiece

Dave's Mom's house for dinner

Dave got me my teapot and bike for Christmas which I love. The kids all loved their gifts too.

A visit to Dave's work with Austin and Julie.  I love having the big kids here.

Here they are checking out the massage chairs.

Lunch and fun downtown

Manicures with Julie

I tried a new sport-and loved it!


I really want to be able to do the tile wall one day.

Sushi dinner out with the fam at Sinju Sushi

We went to Archers Afield to check out their shooting range which was fun.

Little walks around town

A birthday party for Aaron

A trip to the mountain for New Years with sledding, swimming and soaking in the hot tub.
Here's Aaron, Abbey and Lauren with their Schleich collection.

Plus lots of fun in the snow-sledding and playing in an igloo.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

For the Wish List

This hair brush from Nordstrom's:-My thin hair can use all the help it can get. 

Developed and patented more than 100 years ago, Mason Pearson's hair brush is the ultimate grooming tool. Only the finest, premium-grade boar bristle, which is gentle to the hair and scalp, is used. Brushing with a Mason Pearson hair brush is the best way to distribute the natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating circulation of the hair follicles. The patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort. All Mason Pearson hair brushes are handmade in England. Animals are not harmed in the collection of the boar bristle. This pure boar bristle brush is specifically for brushing through fine to normal hair types.

By Mason Pearson.

Aaron's Skylander Party

Aaron's Seventh Skylander Birthday Party went just great. 
Ashely made Aaron a lite bright sign. You can still find these on Ebay.

We decorated the table with Skylanders and a candy bar for the kids.

Chocolate gold coins like the kind they collect in the Skylander video game:

I made these white chocolate Wii remotes out of a mold.

Goddie bags

Each child got a Skylander necklace in their goodie bag.

Aaron practicing just like his Skylander character with his new bow and arrow.