Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goodbye Sweet Pup

I didn't need to hear much more of the details from my pups vet trip this evening to know that we would have to say goodbye very soon.  David and I agreed he would take him in to get checked while I was at work.  We agreed we wouldn't spend crazy amounts of money to try to cure Koby. My mom's Boston Terrier got cancer right about eight years old too.  Koby hasn't been able to keep food down the last couple of weeks.  We changed his food, begged him to eat and tempted him with scrambled eggs and other people food he used to like.  He threw most of it back up.  His coat isn't shinny and his eyes are bloodshot.  He can make it through short walks but spends most of his time on the couch in a ball.  We cover him with blankets to keep him warm and pet him and tell him, "What a good dog Koby."  On our walk today I let him linger wherever he liked. He got to choose the places we stopped and for how long.  I thought of all the runs this little guy has been on with me.  He's been such a great companion.  I remember bringing him home in 2004 and falling in love with his little face.  He would hop, like a bunny, all over the house and yard.  We found out he could swim one day when we were at a lake and David and I swam out from the beach.  We thought he would sit there and watch but he wanted to be right with us and swam out to us.  He is a strong swimmer which is unusual for a Boston Terrier.  Up in Battleground, at my parents, he loved for us to throw sticks in the river for him to fetch.  He could swim against a strong current and loved fetching best if it was in water.   This dog went especially crazy for three things.  He loved to play ball.  He loved to pop balloons and he absolutely adored biting at a hose while water was spraying out of it-well biting at the water really. This crazy dog has gotten sprayed by skunks, attacked by a dog, nicked by a car, had funny growths removed with surgery and kept on going.  I thought he would go on many more years.

Dave and I always joked about who was the owner and who was the co-owner.  Since Koby was a birthday present to me I thought I was the owner. However, Dave filled the registration papers out saying he was the owner and I was the co-owner.  We argued about who he liked better and Dave would always say that Koby knew where his bread was buttered and liked him best.

Much to Koby's dismay we dressed him up as Superman several years for Halloween, put funny sweaters on him in the winter and even tried this little umbrella that stems off the leash to keep him dry.  He was not amused.  He bit at his costume and scratched at his sweater and barked at the umbrella thing.  He actually barked at a lot of things. It was good to have a dog that would alert us if someone was on the property though.  We never cured him of jumping on people as they came in.  Spraying him with a spray bottle of water barely helped.  He just was so excited to greet someone new.  He was such a good dog when Aaron came home from the hospital.  He smelled him and licked his bald head.  He would come to me when the baby cried as if to say, "Come on, get the baby."  He once growled at a worker we had in the house when he got too near Aaron toddling about the place. He made us laugh.  Koby didn't realize he was a little dog.  Once when he was about three we were rollerblading and he lunged for a nearby German Shepard's throat. In one swoop the dog swung his head and Koby tumbled off.  Luckily it was a very good dog and didn't try to go for Koby or he would have been done for. He liked his people but not other dogs much.  We liked you too Koby.  You'll always be in our hearts.

Your favorite spot

Super Pup

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