Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Contract of One's Own

There was a great article by Aimmee Bender in Oprah's July edition of her magazine about making a contract with yourself about something you want to commit too. In the article the author committed to two hours of writing a day.  She had rules and vacation days built into her contract. At the end of four months of fulfilling her contract she gave herself a prize.  I love the idea of this kind of structure and accountability.  So, I came up with My Running Contract.  It's a simple mile a day for the rest of the summer. If I miss a day I make it up. I can run longer but not shorter.  My foot doesn't hurt bad enough to use it as an excuse. It only takes 9 minutes so time can't be an excuse either. My reward-a thinner and fitter me but also I'm going to come up with something special:) It's time.

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