Monday, July 30, 2012

Sister Shelly's Shower

I have a new nephew coming and am so excited to celebrate my sister, the darling mama.  We're doing a hungry caterpillar theme.

This ones like a gift and decor because we'll put him on top of the picnic basket but it's also baby's gift.

This little rattle will be a baby gift too.

A baby journal
And cute little shoes for baby


I'll frame some of these great prints from this book for the buffet table.

I ordered this great fabric to use as the tablecloth.

This garland will be so cute for decor too.

Bigger baskets for decor on tables

This is the printable set I used for labels and another banner/cupcake toppers

Games-we're doing a scrambled word game of baby items scrambled up.  I'll print on catapiller paper. Whoever unscrambles their words fastest gets the prize.  Also we'll have blue neckalaces and play the you can't say the word baby game.  Whoever gets the most neckalaces wins the prize.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My favorite weekend of summer

We started the day with Avery, Abbie, Lauren and my bestie Marcella at the Wilson pool. It was chilly but the kids didn't notice and they swam for 3 hours.

After lunch we went down to the Robin Hood Festival and this reptile man put on a great show and got the kids involved.

Aaron did not want to hold the snake but Izzy, Avery, Lauren and Abbie did.

Aaron did a great job at his taekwondo demonstration during the festival.

Marcella, Robyn and I got the nerf guns out to shoot the wolves on our trampoline.

The howling wolves

Playing on the dragon at the festival

Hit machine concert later that night. The kids had a ball and got to go up on stage and dance and sing.  It was a wonderful day.

Abbie, Lauren and Aaron shaking it

Marcella and I got to play tambourines and cowbell on stage too.

We had a great sleepover with all our friends and then I got to take the kids to breakfast in the morning.  They are happy here with their hot chocolates.

Then we went down to watch the parade. Abbie decorated Aaron's scooter for the parade. After we ate fruit, enjoyed lunch and Aaron had a long nap. His first sleepover with friends was a great success.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Sunroom items

We're redoing a couple rooms at our house.  With the routine of school and a Halloween party to host we're having fun sprucing things up.  I dusted all the blinds in our house, scrubbed walls, floors and doors. Things are smelling and looking much better but one room that has transformed is our sun room. Previously it was a room for animal items and sporting goods stuff. We moved all that to the basement, including the bunny, and have a relaxing room now.  It's actually my favorite room in the entire house.

Here's the hammock I got


Bolster pillows for hammock in tan @ hayneedle too.

Pretty lights placed outside sunroom that add ambiance to the room.
by Hometown Evolution

I would also love to add one of these salt lamps. My sister has one and really likes it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Running Clothes and Races

Flow Y Bra by Luluemon

Run Tracker short II by Luluemon

A lucy bra and new tank as well

A couple Gap comfy tanks for after racing

I ran the Fueled by Fine Wine half marathon this past weekend.  This was my second attempt at it and the cool weather and my knowledge of the course helped so much.  Its still one of my slowest half's because of all the hills but I was happy with my first half of the season, after being off of running for 8 months.  I'm so excited my foot is healed and I can start running again.  Here are some of my favorite races/results and my goals for this running season.  I love using this website to trace my races and times:
  1. Portland Marathon in 4:04.58  My goal this year is 3:50-we shall see:) I also have loved the Eugene Marathon and the half they do the same day but it's nice not to have to drive far for early races.
  2. Harvest days 2010 I did in 2:00.02. I'm hoping to do about the same which I did.  The next half I'll get in under 2-maybe 1:55.
  3. A couple others I really enjoyed were the ORCC Champoge 50k-Shelly and I did that in about 5:53:04-31 miles-my furthest yet.  Shelly turned 30 that year so she wanted to run her age in miles.
  4. Hagg Lake was a hard 25 k because of the mud
  5. The 14.2 race at Timothy Lake on Mt hood was another tricky race with narrow trails. Trail runs are great fun.  I liked this better than Hagg because their wasn't much mud.
  6. The Helvatia half was my very first half and although it's not my favorite I love that it propelled my long distance running.

Summer fun

Music on the Green in Sherwood with friends

Summer visits with the kids and Austin as a new high school grad/Aaron graduating to first grade.

Dinners at McMinnimans

Celebrating Birthdays