Monday, July 23, 2012

My favorite weekend of summer

We started the day with Avery, Abbie, Lauren and my bestie Marcella at the Wilson pool. It was chilly but the kids didn't notice and they swam for 3 hours.

After lunch we went down to the Robin Hood Festival and this reptile man put on a great show and got the kids involved.

Aaron did not want to hold the snake but Izzy, Avery, Lauren and Abbie did.

Aaron did a great job at his taekwondo demonstration during the festival.

Marcella, Robyn and I got the nerf guns out to shoot the wolves on our trampoline.

The howling wolves

Playing on the dragon at the festival

Hit machine concert later that night. The kids had a ball and got to go up on stage and dance and sing.  It was a wonderful day.

Abbie, Lauren and Aaron shaking it

Marcella and I got to play tambourines and cowbell on stage too.

We had a great sleepover with all our friends and then I got to take the kids to breakfast in the morning.  They are happy here with their hot chocolates.

Then we went down to watch the parade. Abbie decorated Aaron's scooter for the parade. After we ate fruit, enjoyed lunch and Aaron had a long nap. His first sleepover with friends was a great success.

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