Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Sunroom items

We're redoing a couple rooms at our house.  With the routine of school and a Halloween party to host we're having fun sprucing things up.  I dusted all the blinds in our house, scrubbed walls, floors and doors. Things are smelling and looking much better but one room that has transformed is our sun room. Previously it was a room for animal items and sporting goods stuff. We moved all that to the basement, including the bunny, and have a relaxing room now.  It's actually my favorite room in the entire house.

Here's the hammock I got


Bolster pillows for hammock in tan @ hayneedle too.

Pretty lights placed outside sunroom that add ambiance to the room.
by Hometown Evolution

I would also love to add one of these salt lamps. My sister has one and really likes it.

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