Monday, August 27, 2012

35th Birthday Weekend

A great group of eight of us got to play over night at the Grand Lodge on Mt Hood.  My good friend Joe and I had a dual birthday party.  I did yellow and green colors since Joe loves soccer so much and it's the colors of Portland's soccer team.

Joe with and I with our happy birthday crowns on.

We all hid and jumped out when Joe and his wife, Marcella came in.  We had invited Dennis (Joe's and my friend from high school) and his wife, Cana, as a surprise to Joe.  Here's Ryan, Joe, Dennis and Dave with yummy jello shots friend Emily prepared.

Thanks to Starbucks we had matching disguise mugs for our drink of choice.

Pool time-We played a great game of chicken.

Cana and I

Here I am attempting Joe's b day cake.

I looked around the room during the happy birthday song and everyone had face puppets of me!

My awesome bag Marcella and Joe got me.

The boys went biking the next day while the girls and I ran and hiked. What a wonderful birthday weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where we're eating

I love Jam on Hawthorne-really great breakfasts

I love Pastini-and have tried all 3 of the summer specials listed below-they are so good. I do add their shrimp to all my orders because its so good.

This is another dish I love and add asparagas.

Bowtie pasta, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet peas, roasted peppers, broccoli, fresh basil and garlic 8.95

                      I also love Boke Bowl in Portland-best Ramon ever.

And the place we are really addicted to:

Koi Fusion-the best Korean burrito-the food carts are all over Portland but we typically go to the one near us at Bridegport Village.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Snapshots of summer

Street of Dreams with best freind Marcella

Camping with the fam

Slip n Slide at Sis Andrea's house

Summer barbeques

With fun summer dresses

I loved our visits to Wilson pool with friends and their kids this summer

Fun half marathon with sister, cousin and Joe

Awesome Summerfest party at Sister in law Andrea's-the games were great.

Great 4th too

And a fun snow cone stand for the kids

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aaron's homework

We have enjoyed hooked on phonics. The program I bought was from age 3-8.  We are just now working on the second grade level things and I think will have the program finished up this year so we can pass it down to cousin Calvie.  It's so fun to see Aaron getting better at reading.  We typically work about 45 minutes every morning and incorporate about 15 minutes of reading from the hooked on phonics books into the session.  I'm hoping when first grade starts next week that on days he doesn't have homework we can continue some work with this.

I love Lakeshore learning center and got some great things for Aaron there this weekend.  This pen works really neat for the subtraction cards we got to help Aaron check his answers.

We got the writing board back out to work on his penmanship.

This sight words game is fun for the computer.

The Summer Activities workbook is my favorite and although we're getting a late start on it we can use it through the fall as they have such a great range of subjects included and exercises to practice.