Tuesday, August 7, 2012

12 years on 8/12/12

We made it darling, a dozen years married you and I. Lasting 12 years in any relationship is a cause for celebration. In a time where people fall in and out of love daily, staying with a significant other for longer than a decade shows true commitment and a strong bond. We have faced the good and bad together. The 12th wedding anniversary is a milestone year, the year when, if a marriage were a person, it would be "coming of age" in many cultures. Twelve is an important number, after all. There are 12 months to a year, 12 signs to the Zodiac and 12 of anything to a dozen, 12 hours in face on a clock, 12 inches in a foot,  in the Bible, Jacob has 12 sons and Jesus has 12 disciples,  and 12 tribes were started after Moses led his people out of Egypt. Also, in the song-the 12 days of Christmas the best gift, in my opinion, comes on the 12th day-12 drummers drumming. Cheers to us! 

I included this picture of a peony because it's the flower that symbolizes 12 years together.

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