Monday, August 27, 2012

35th Birthday Weekend

A great group of eight of us got to play over night at the Grand Lodge on Mt Hood.  My good friend Joe and I had a dual birthday party.  I did yellow and green colors since Joe loves soccer so much and it's the colors of Portland's soccer team.

Joe with and I with our happy birthday crowns on.

We all hid and jumped out when Joe and his wife, Marcella came in.  We had invited Dennis (Joe's and my friend from high school) and his wife, Cana, as a surprise to Joe.  Here's Ryan, Joe, Dennis and Dave with yummy jello shots friend Emily prepared.

Thanks to Starbucks we had matching disguise mugs for our drink of choice.

Pool time-We played a great game of chicken.

Cana and I

Here I am attempting Joe's b day cake.

I looked around the room during the happy birthday song and everyone had face puppets of me!

My awesome bag Marcella and Joe got me.

The boys went biking the next day while the girls and I ran and hiked. What a wonderful birthday weekend!

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