Monday, December 24, 2012

Aaron's Seventh Skylander Party-Gifts and Decor

Happy 7th Birthday Son.  We'll put on a great Skylander birthday this Sunday.


We'll do a cake like this:

I got these great tree trunk stands to put the Skylander figures on at World Market.

This personalized sign I got as a printable off Etsy will be on the cake.

I got printables of the Skylander Elements to incorporate on gift bags and balloons too.

This is a gift and decor as several Skylanders have bows.  I love this Alpine USA bow and he really enjoys going to the indoor range to shoot.

A new Gap hoodie:

Another Wimpy Kid book

These great Lego sets.  The instructions are a big book so they are easier for a 7 year old to follow versus the small books in other sets.

A case for his new xl 3d ds:

And a new movie

Plus new climbing shoes and a chalk bag.  We have found something to do during these upcoming wet months.

These little shoes are so great-love REI


And all little boys love these

Air Strike Catapult

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