Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Gifts-All done-hooray

We got Aaron this little sweet dreams pillow pet as it puts stars on the ceiling.  He has the regular penguin one too :)

Aaron got this Skylander pack for his birthday so I'm guessing his stocking will have a couple more figures along with his favorite candy. 
And Aaron's favorite gift:-The ds will be great for the plane ride to Maui and I loved that Best Buy gives you a $20 gift card with purchase.  A game comes preinstalled too which is nice.

Austin gets:

A poker set
ESPN Poker Set



Tickets to Cinitopia theater for a date night with his girlfriend Julie. Plus entry and rental for he and Julie to rock climb at Portland Rock Gym.


This movie
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe (Widescreen Edition)

Leather Converse

Matchstick jeans from Jcrew

This journal and great flat pen to go inside

A new blanket from urban outfitter

A cool tin crafting box. And this hot chocolate and these chocolates:

Loved the packaging on the chocolates I found for her at Trader Joe's too!

And for the hubby:

So glad I got these before they were gone. Dave loves them and the bottom of the jar is where you strike the match.  They look great next to candles.

Plus Dave will get his favorite chocolates and a new great shirt for our upcoming Maui vacation.

Nephew Calvin:

He loves firetrucks so I got him this firetruck ornament-the wheels move!  

Nephew Wesley:

Caterpillar ornament

New Pottery barn baby quilt with Wesley's name on it and sheeting for his nursery:

New little shoes

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