Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Highlights 2012

Dave and Aaron went to the company Christmas party.

Aaron got to go to his first Blazer game. He and Dave got great seats.

We watched some fun movies

I ate too many of these-soooo good

Had a great breakfast and lunch on Christmas at Mom's. Here's a picture of scrabble time.

Aaron got his Nintendo DS which he was thrilled about.

And Aaron sewed this great gift to Dave and I

Time with the new cousin

Pretty Centerpiece

Dave's Mom's house for dinner

Dave got me my teapot and bike for Christmas which I love. The kids all loved their gifts too.

A visit to Dave's work with Austin and Julie.  I love having the big kids here.

Here they are checking out the massage chairs.

Lunch and fun downtown

Manicures with Julie

I tried a new sport-and loved it!


I really want to be able to do the tile wall one day.

Sushi dinner out with the fam at Sinju Sushi

We went to Archers Afield to check out their shooting range which was fun.

Little walks around town

A birthday party for Aaron

A trip to the mountain for New Years with sledding, swimming and soaking in the hot tub.
Here's Aaron, Abbey and Lauren with their Schleich collection.

Plus lots of fun in the snow-sledding and playing in an igloo.

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