Sunday, December 30, 2012

Highlights of 2012

  • We started the New Year off right with a great New Year's Eve Party at Hotel 50 with great friends. Spending the first day of the 2012 recovering and relaxing after a great night with friends was perfect.
  • A week later we got to celebrate one of our close friend's-Emily's birthdays with karaoke and dancing.  
  • We got to go to Seattle and see Cousin Randy get married. It was a wonderful time of there for the weekend with the family.
  • I got a ton of pictures organized and scanned into the computer this year. This was especially nice because when Grandpa passed away a video was quickly made with these pictures.
  • We got some work on the basement area and garage.
  • Worked on Emily's bach night and got to be her bridesmaid
  • Great spring break with Ashley!
  • Amazing Spring break with Soulagnets and Stevensens
  • We got up to the mountain 10 times this year to board
  • Great 35th Birthday at the mountain with friends
  • Watched Aaron participate in Football, basketball and karate
  • Great St Patrick's day and Cinco de May out with friends
  • Got to see Austin graduate from high school
  • Fun 4th of July at ft Vancouver with friends
  • Good summer visit with both kids
  • We had a great 80's Halloween Party.
  • Dave got to celebrate his 43rd Birthday at Rock Bottom with friends and Karaoke later that night.

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