Monday, December 10, 2012

New Eats to us in 2012

I won't review the big box restaurants like PF Changs, Olive Gardens etc. Although I do have to say we love Rock Bottom and Henry's. These are local spots though that we just loved this year though.   Oh and one other shout out to The Ram which has great burgers.Which local spots do you love?

  • Little Bird-Wow-this is what I had-with a great glass of pino grigo-
    Grilled Trout, smoked trout; chestnut stuffing, honey butter...........................$22

  • Isabells-I had this and it was wonderful
Omar special:

Egg whites scrambled with cheese, green onions and tomatoes. Topped with grilled chicken, mushrooms and served with brown rice- drizzle of cilantro lime and avocado sauces

  • Jam

  • Serratto-previously blogged about and soooo good.

  • Mint:

  • Cha Taquiera and Bar

  • Boke


We enjoyed several food carts this year too. Here's our favorites:

Koi Fusion

Built to Grill

Sinju Sushi-Oh their Portland Rolls were to die for

Red Star-I had an amazing bowl of Oatmeal here.  Here's there new chef:

Plus we have to do a yearly trip to Hubers-Portland's Oldest Resturant for their great spanish coffees

This was the first year I went to Kells-a fun Irish Resturant and Pub

A couple years ago we went to BridgePort Brew Pub and I got to stop by again for their great Hawthorne Pizza which I love.


Also, still loving Cadillac Cafe, Mothers Bistro, and Elephants Deli.

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