Saturday, December 8, 2012

What's your exercise routine?

My workouts keep me sane.  I have a pretty consistent routine that looks like this:

Monday-3 mile run followed by one hour of a Pilates class at my 24 hour fitness.

Tuesday-3 mile run followed by a weightlifting class at the gym. I don't do weights enough (because they aren't my favorite) but I do get in twice a week.

Wednesday-snowboarding every other week Dec-May.  Otherwise I try to do a longer run-about 6 miles and a barre class this day.   I sometimes make it to a Barre studio in NW Portland but most the time I do a video at home.  I'm a subscriber to their online classes and they are so great.

Thursday-3 more miles

Friday-A ballet/dance type workout at the gym and 3 mile run.

Saturday-I work early this day so I miss a running group I love but whenever I'm off I make it to the group for a long run.  I typically just do 3 miles after work this day.

Sunday-early morning long run-10-20 miles depending and a yoga class.

So, it ends up being about 30 miles of running mixed in with some great classes. I definitely feel merrier and in the holiday spirit after I've had a good sweat.

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