Thursday, January 31, 2013

February-the month of love

I'm so excited to be in Kauai with my hubby for Valentines day.  I love giving little gifts to others I love too though:

I got this fun book and a card for my best friend, Marcella.

Aaron's having fun with this book because I have one like it.

I got this cute book for David

And I'm still searching for little gift ideas for the sisters if you have ideas.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to Play

What Aaron loves to play with -Age 7

This Playmobile Treasure Set was only $20 when we got it but now it retails for almost $200.  We love Playmobile.

This set we like as well

I didn't want to buy another one of these Kick scooters when Aaron's got stolen from our yard but he does love it and will go on more walks with me if he has it. We love to support local toy stores whenever we can and buy most our toys here.  If you can't though it's here as well.

Perler beads

This stacking cups game:

His Skylander video game and the figures

Bayblades-spinning tops

Bakugan-these little balls that pop up into characters

Carrying Case

He still loves playing with cars and making ramps out of whatever he can find around the house.

His 3DS

He loves his real bow and arrow but he loves his Nerf guns and bow too

I still catch him playing this his batman set and figures too.

He's been collecting star wars figures for years and has such a great mix of them now.  He loves setting them up.

He still loves dress up and has an entire section of his playroom devoted to his costumes. 

Rush hour game

He still loves his classic slinky too. Luckily we have lots of stairs.

He likes Kiss-not their music as much as that they are guys painted crazy.  So we got him the figures and stuffed toys and he liked these.  It all started because he found his Dad's old toy that looked like this.

So now we have all these:

We play lots on the trampoline, on our little basketball court and with the punching bag in the basement too.

He likes this Estes rocket too-Every little boy loves to launch a rocket.

I still love our beanbag toss for sunny days too

I think he's almost outgrown the Tag set though as they don't make books for his reading level anymore so cousin will get these.

This game system was great too.

On his wish list
Quadrilla Twist

Aaron loves his Schleich toys too (and so do I)

He has several of these knights

I just found the castle and it looks so cool.

He has lots of the smurfs

And the Nativity set-plus we added some animals to it.

You can find a store and check out all their stuff here.