Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Highlights

We saw these movies:

Clarklewis-my favorite find of the month.  I loved the smoky, wood burning smell as you enter. The service was excellent and they had this great three course meal for just $14! I got carrot soup, this great pork sandwich and amazing chocolate cake.

I would love to rent this room of theirs for a private party.

I mentioned this spot on my post on patios but I'll note it here again.  We loved Jory.  The burger was incredible.

We got to attend a dinner for Dave's company-Standard here:

The view was great and so was the buffet.

VQ: I loved their patio out back.  The service was great and they had a wonderful Reuben sandwich!

I loved Meriweathers-we got a great burger and club sandwich and shared it.  As you can see great patio!

Happy Sparrow Cafe-Kolaches are good-soft rolls with veggies or meat or even fruit inside.  I just wanted something besides this and that's all the cafe sells.  I got the beef smoked sausages with the Tillamook cheddar and the strawberry filled kolache. 

Wildwood Restaurant and Bar-best fried chicken salad ever!

Milo's City Cafe-I got the Huevos Ahogados-they were ok.

Cricket Cafe-really good breakfast burritos. 

Genies Cafe-loved their club sandwich

Cup and Saucer


Hazel Room-Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

Broder-The staff here was great.  It's very small but you could wait next door in Savory and have coffee.  I didn't love the food.  I got an egg scramble and potato soup.  The bread and butter was good though. 

Areleta Library-wasn't super impressed with their biscuits and gravy but their bacon was good and the service was great!

Por Que No-I loved the food, patio and bright colors!

A great 40th Birthday party for friend Kelley:

Photo Booth-Kelley's girlfriend, Tracie made the amazing light up sign.

A friend made great chili to go with the sandwiches, chips, fruit and popcorn

Beer pong all set up in the backyard tent

This cake ended up later being the ammo for a huge food fight!-Such fun

We got to the mountain to snowboard a couple of times too. Hoping to get in a couple more times in May before the season wraps up.

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