Friday, May 31, 2013

May Highlights

We got in two more times at the mountain. We'll miss our snowboard time but love to mountain bike too so we'll be waiting for the last bit of snow to melt to bike our trails.

I got the clothes put together for family pictures this summer. I'll be wearing this by Roxy.

I found a new designer I love: Young Broke and Fabulous
I got this shirt here.

I made it to these great spots

Marcos Cafe

Ole Ole-not very good but I'm focusing on Spanish places this month and it was on my list.  I won't go back.

Por Que No-Amazing

Verde Cocina-amazing healthy Mexican cafe

Luce-amazing Italian food

And good Pizza at both these places:


Dove Vivi

Rocking Frog cafe-good egg sandwich but dry peanut butter cookie

Petite Province

Nostrana had an amazing spaghetti and meatballs dish. I hear their pizza is great too.

Truss-which had a good view of the city but just average food.

Blue Pig-good french toast and ham

Meat Cheese Bread

We had a great graduation party for my brother in law Chip

Chip with his Lego graduate 

We got to see these movies:

The highlight of my month was finding a trail running group.  I've so enjoyed our runs.
Here's the group link if you want to join us for a run:

An after football game treat and play date

Dog sitting-We miss having a doggie.

We had a great Memorial weekend - complete with:

 a Hawaiian themed Race-Aaron even got to do the kids race!

I was happy with my time for the 10k. I've been trying to get under 51 minutes for this race for a while and I just barely beat it. 

A playdate day for Aaron and his friends. We even made our father's day gifts.


Plus we had fun this month watching some of these family flicks-We got through all 3 Jurassic Park's, The Neverending Story, Adventures in Babysitting, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and all three Back to the Future's

A barbecue with friends on Memorial day. It was rainy all weekend but it cleared up enough for barbecue time.

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