Saturday, June 1, 2013

Holidays and nonschool days with my boy:

I love that my department at the hospital is closed for holidays.  Because Dave usually works big sales near or on holidays, Aaron and I get time just with one another. This next week Aaron has Friday and then Monday off too for Memorial Day.  I usually try to do something educational and something fun so we will:

Go to the Fair on Memorial Day-They have lots of neat exhibits, animals, some great dance shows and all the rides Oaks park has.  Plus it's free:)

We will also make our usual Saturday appearance to swim here:
Aaron loves it after a morning of soccer and basketball.

Aaron is obsessed with these Magic Tree house books so we'll finish up a couple of them. Aaron's doing better when I ask him to read a chapter and then I'll read a chapter.

Aaron's having fun at CSBA-Club Sport Basketball Academy.  The program states they focus is on the fundamentals of the game and improving game essentials such as ball handling, shooting, defense, game philosophy, footwork, and conditioning. He has really improved his game since joining this group twice a week.  So, we'll pop in here too on Sunday.

If it's rainy we like to go to Safari Sam's in town for some indoor climbing.

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