Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aaron's Sports

Aaron has gotten to try out several sports.  He's played basketball, soccer, and football. He takes skateboard lessons, rock climbing and bouldering lessons.  He's been on a gymnastics team, has participated in Taekwondo for three years and has his brown belt.  Aaron has even tried tap and ballet.  Swim lessons have helped him in the water and having a trampoline really helps our busy boy burn off energy.  This summer and fall will be exciting because it seems like the focus and intensity of the sports goes up a notch. Yes, he's still just in second grade but the sports programs he's enjoying require more.  It's so neat to see him move from a very recreational pace to more structure and skill building.  His soccer program this fall will include two practices and a game Saturday.  This will be different from his 1.5 hour playtime soccer club on Saturdays.  Aaron's football in the fall will still be just 2 hours on Sunday but he gets to go to several camps over the summer where he'll get more one on one and agility training.  I'm most excited about the basketball program he will do on Wednesdays and Saturdays all summer and through the next school year. The program through Clubsport in town is amazing and each coach is so knowledgeable.  They noticed Aaron is a bit timid and are working with him on being more aggressive with the plays.  Go Aaron! We're so excited to see you enjoying exercise, having fun and improving.

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