Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Highlights 2013

We got to see a couple good movies:

Aaron got this one:

I got to go to see beautiful homes here:
My stepson Austin came for a visit-we got to go to Ruth Chris Steak house to celebrate his 19th Birthday!

Here's his paintballing minifigure since Austin paint balls.

Austin and his Dad got to do some motorcycling together and we spent an afternoon at Aaron's favorite place: Big Al's for video games and air hockey.


Austin's best friend Tanner had an amazing wedding!

Aaron got to go to dance camp

and skateboard camp

and bouldering camp

I got a couple fun gifts for my birthday:
Here I am with my cheerleading minifigure-an ode to high school days.

This great shirt by Meadow Rue at Anthropologie.  Mine has really cute buttons in the back. It sold out fast.


A new Ipad

This great Pottery Barn tote in the camel color.

The archeress chemise from -here-I can't wait to wear it for the Renaissance Fair next month and for Halloween.

A family vacation to the mountain

Where we celebrated Mom and my birthdays.

And a great mountain bike ride with my Uncle and Cousins.

New Dingo boots- here

A weekend at the mountain again helping with this Hood to Coast relay: Here. Aaron loved hanging out with his buddy in the pool and doing the neat activities here. Jayden and Aaron were just tall enough for the bigger go carts!

The boys tried to get the sauna as hot as they could stand it which ended up being 70-funny boys.

What a great month.

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