Monday, September 30, 2013

September Highlights

It was the rainiest September Oregon has ever seen! We got 6 inches.  Poor Aaron had some really wet football and soccer games and one night we even lost power because of the storm. It felt like it went from summer straight to winter. We're hoping October will bring fall back.

These movies:

Aaron got to play in four soccer games and four football games. 

He got his brown belt in karate!

He's loving his Sunday skateboarding classes.

Dinner and drinks for friend Marcella's birthday. Here she is with her boxing minifigure, a tradition we have fun with.

I got to go to a wonderful baby shower for dear friend Emily.

We got up to Mt Hood for a wonderful overnight stay. We biked, watched movies, ran and relaxed.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apps I love

Day One journal
Map my run
and Nike Running-The challenges my friends post for mileage is great!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Finds

Have you found things you just love for fall?  Here are a couple things I found.

We picked up some linen napkins and tablecloth from Pottery Barn.  I like the tan color we choose because it looks like burlap. Ironing them isn't my favorite though and linen wrinkles so easy.

I'm ready for fall with some help from Lucy

This haf zip hoodie with thumb holes is so comfy-I wore my light blue one out this summer.
I got this black one for layering too

And these perfect core pants in black

Stay Present Jacket by Lucy

Anthro sweaters I loved went on sale too! I wish they made a black but luckily I was able to still grab the cream and olive color in my size:

This great denim skirt by Lucky Brand Jeans

These great Matchstick cords by Jcrew

This great tee from jcrew too

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Baby Shower

Our friend Emily is having a Nautical themed birthday party so I picked up a couple things I found on Amazon to help decorate.

Boots-I'm on a search for the perfect brown pair

I got these Arturo Chiang Betha boots from Piperline in the black but the brown is so cool too.  I feel like I have a couple black pairs now in varying length so it's time to add some brown.

Here's what I have:

Western style: Dingo Roni boots:

Steve Madden ankle boots

And a mid shin length black boot-similar here

Plus a tan pair that looks cute with dresses in the summer-by Matisse:-I can't find them but:

Civico 10 boots-smaller heel-1 inch-good for walking for long periods.

I tried this Bertha boot but it wasn't comfortable.

Love these Clarks Plaza Beagle boots too

And these Frye Lynn Strap boots are incredible but more than $200 for a boot is hard.

I just ordered these great Born Mavis boots
or here

And am waiting for these Lucky boots from Hibiscus boots to go on sale because they are always running a 20 or 30 percent off coupon on the website. But usually I wait to long and will end up getting them after they sell out at Macys.

What are your favorite brown or fall boots?

How lucky are we!

In 2009, Wall Street Journal named Portland the “skateboard capital of the world.” Eeek-that's great news for us because our little Aaron loves to skate. He got to go to a great skate camp this summer which included at day at  Windells. Windells is located within an hour of the most innovative skate parks in the US. The best builders in the Northwest have created world famous parks just an hour’s drive from Windells. So, Aaron will go to a summer camp there but next up he gets to attend their snowboard camp over winter break. We'll miss our little guy for 8 days but he will have a blast!

A Great Week:

               I got to start my wee with breakfast Cadillac-one of my favorites. I ordered the Peter Piper Breakfast and it was sooooo good!


My favorite Free People top went on sale at Nordstroms-Love Free People!

Aaron and his best friend got to have 3 play dates in one week. Here they are playing video games.


And swords

I got some great trail runs in with my wonderful running group. I'm loving fall!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Harry Potter Halloween!

A Harry Potter Halloween!

I'm Dobby the house elf. I got these great skin colored long johns from to wear under the pillowcase dress.  I needed some anyway and they will keep me warm while Trick Or Treating.  Here's my mask

I also just got ears in case the mask bothers me. Etsy had some cute ones:

Here's Aaron giving my outfit a try:

Here's Aaron's costume:

And Dave will be Professor Snape-we got a great wig and here's his wand:

I'm drooling over this awesome Snape robe but it's just too expensive to justify. So we'll use an old graduation robe and a black suit and maybe a cape of some sort.