Sunday, September 15, 2013

Boots-I'm on a search for the perfect brown pair

I got these Arturo Chiang Betha boots from Piperline in the black but the brown is so cool too.  I feel like I have a couple black pairs now in varying length so it's time to add some brown.

Here's what I have:

Western style: Dingo Roni boots:

Steve Madden ankle boots

And a mid shin length black boot-similar here

Plus a tan pair that looks cute with dresses in the summer-by Matisse:-I can't find them but:

Civico 10 boots-smaller heel-1 inch-good for walking for long periods.

I tried this Bertha boot but it wasn't comfortable.

Love these Clarks Plaza Beagle boots too

And these Frye Lynn Strap boots are incredible but more than $200 for a boot is hard.

I just ordered these great Born Mavis boots
or here

And am waiting for these Lucky boots from Hibiscus boots to go on sale because they are always running a 20 or 30 percent off coupon on the website. But usually I wait to long and will end up getting them after they sell out at Macys.

What are your favorite brown or fall boots?

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