Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Finds

Have you found things you just love for fall?  Here are a couple things I found.

We picked up some linen napkins and tablecloth from Pottery Barn.  I like the tan color we choose because it looks like burlap. Ironing them isn't my favorite though and linen wrinkles so easy.

I'm ready for fall with some help from Lucy

This haf zip hoodie with thumb holes is so comfy-I wore my light blue one out this summer.
I got this black one for layering too

And these perfect core pants in black

Stay Present Jacket by Lucy

Anthro sweaters I loved went on sale too! I wish they made a black but luckily I was able to still grab the cream and olive color in my size:

This great denim skirt by Lucky Brand Jeans

These great Matchstick cords by Jcrew

This great tee from jcrew too

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