Thursday, November 28, 2013


Friendsgiving was a great success.  Here's some shots of our day.
House ready and waiting for friends.

Aaron got his beard hat out from last year to keep him cozy.

And he set up his Lego Thanksgiving display for us:

Dave and Kelley fried the turkey and it was incredible!

First bites of amazing turkey

Viva joined our friendsgiving too. I love that she's my mother in law and my friend.

Thank goodness for Tracie! She was an incredible cook. She got the rolls, mashed potatoes and stuffing all hot and ready. 

After dinner we played basketball and went up to the park to play football. Then we headed back for pie and bed.  What a perfect day. I did find though, since we entertain like this so rarely, that I did not have a gravy boat and that I needed another butter serving dish. I picked several of each up at Pottery Barn the next day. I am set for Christmas.

We also discovered our set of Kitchenaid knives were pretty much done. We've had them for years and they just aren't that great.  Holiday sales to the rescue!  We found this great set at Macy's:

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