Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween at the Ganders: Year 3

Year 1-Our first attempt at a Halloween Party-no theme really-just classic Halloween-people could come dressed however they liked.  We were cheerleaders although Dave ended up ripping the arms of his costume and going as a redneck cheerleader complete with bad teeth and a mullet wig.

Group shot

The bartender did a great job. Bar below:

Year 2-A 80's themed party

Bar Tender Area basically looks like this every year.  This year we had Baja Fresh do the food. Their tacos and burritos were perfect hot food on this chilly night.  Alan did a great job as bartender again!

This year we aren't doing the bar tender so the bar area is more simple. We're having a smaller group and just letting people help themselves.

We've added more decor and fun touches. I've learned to do longer tablecloths to cover table legs. I also love using burlap and other fall touches mixed in with the Halloween decor.

We had hot apple cider which you could have spiked if you liked by adding fireball and dark rum.

The Jersey Mikes sandwiches were a hit. We got several boxes of a variety of types of sandwiches and they all got eaten. I love having a big trey of fruit and veggies too.

Pumpkin sugar cookies and my favorite combo of cashews and candy corn:

Also salted chocolate chip cookies or ginger cookies

Our friend Tony brought his famous chili which went so well with the sandwiches.

This was a hit and so good with whipped cream flavored vodka.

We also had vodka with either orange juice or grapefruit juice available.

This is the bar set up with the keg on the right side. We got Mcminnimins Hammerhead IPA and it was a hit.

We had the fog machine going on the porch for a spooky touch and hung light on the entryway.

Viva as a flapper

Viva and Jeff-Jeff as Gangster

Marcella and Joe as Sandy and Danny


Tony as a cop

Cop Jon too

Dinosaur and Unicorn

Michelle and Jon


Danielle and Girlfriend

The Cousins came-Jessica, Randy, Jenny and Melissa

Avoiding a Nerf gun fight:

Emily as a cat and Ryan came as a Dad to be-busted Ryan-next year you have to do a real costume!

Kelley and Tracie-Cop and Breathalyzer

 Maria and Mercedes


Richard and Betsy

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