Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm Thankful For

Kristin Armstrong is one of my favorite blogger and she wrote a great post on thankfulness.  She said she was thankful for:
"Being healthy enough to run. Being fit enough to enjoy it. Being motivated enough to pursue it. Acknowledging the simple, reverent act of placing my feet one after the other."
I'm so thankful for my running too. It makes me a better Mom, wife, and friend.  I'm thankful my husband supports my running.  Financially he supports me by all the race fees, massages, chiropractic visits involved in running.  Physically he supports me by riding his bike long miles by my side while I get my miles in.  He takes care of the house and the little guy when I'm exhausted after a race. So, thank you running for being there for me when I'm sad, mad, happy. Thank you for picking me up. And thank you Dave for not being jealous when running steals me away for hours and sometimes days at a time. 

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