Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A letter to my boy-You're 8!

Hello there handsome boy! It's a delight to watch you grow, transform every year.  I watch the compassion you have for those younger than you and the great helper you can be. 
I have gotten the great privilege of being your Mama for 8 years. I will always remember being so anxious to meet you and see your little face.  I was so excited to hold you right after you were born.  Every year you change and grow and I'm so blessed to be able to watch it all!  Here's a look at your last year.

We started your 7th year with a Skylander themed birthday party.

New Years Eve we all went up the mountain with friends to sled, ski and play for a couple of days. You fell asleep by 10 though. Maybe this year will be the first year you'll make it to midnight.

Here you are on Valentines Day making your Valentine Box. 

We went to Maui in February. You loved surfing and whale watching.

Over the summer you got to go to several rock climbing camps.

You ran your first race.

You and Avery tried to fit your big kid bodies into the little swimming pool.

You spent a big chunk of your summer at International soccer camps and you loved the coaches.

You learned to skateboard this summer at skate camp and it's become your favorite sport.  You go every Sunday to an indoor park for lessons and have improved so much.

You had a ball at the Lego fest that came to town and enjoyed building so much this year.  You've built some Lego projects that have so many pieces!

You got your brown belt in Karate, played football in the summer and fall and played on a soccer team this fall.

You are learning more about God and enjoying the Bible study they have on Tuesdays through our church.

You are on a winter basketball team now that plays in the afternoon on Sundays.
And eeek...you get to go to snowboard camp  here in a couple days.  7 days without my boy is a lot but I know you'll have such an amazing time.

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