Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aaron's favorite toys 2013

This Max Traxxx is so fun.  Aaron and his friends build the track into new formations and love racing their cars down them.  We found ours at our local toy store. I think they can be hard to find.  Amazon might get them back soon.
Skullduggery Krazy Kars Max Traxxx - Tracer Racers Ultimate Set 24 Foot Track, Starting Gates, Light Up Finish Gate, with Two Tracer Racers

His Exit skateboard:

I don't know if I can call his Ipad a toy but he does love it:

He plays with Legos more than anything else. He's having fun just free building right now versus picking sets to build from.

These special foam swords he got from Taekwondo are so much safer than the hard light sabers he and his friends used to use to fight one another. Plus they are sturdy.

These Zling Bow and arrow sets and their crossbow sets I enjoy so much more than the little Nerf discs all over the house. The arrows are big so their easy to find too. We have several of these bow sets at our place.

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