Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

We typically go to Christmas Eve service at my parent's church but I had to work this year so Dave took Aaron to our church's service. here.  I love their children's programs.  On Christmas morning we let Aaron open his stocking while we showered and started cooking the turkey. Aaron was thrilled with his stocking gifts-mentioned here.

Then Aaron opened his gifts.  He got this, and loved it! He got stuff for snowboard camp too-a new helmet, gloves, ski mask, and money for the snack bar while he's there all week. My how I will miss my little guy all week.  I'm planning some time with girlfriends though to keep me from thinking about it though. As you can see Aaron's squinty eye. He got an eye infection and cold right before snowboard camp and the holidays.

 I wore earlier in the day:

And this later on Christmas:

I got a stocking full of goodies and I got this fun holiday outfit. I'm trying to convince the husband that crop tops are ok to wear for New Years with friends but he says this top is only for at home-protective boy.

With this skirt

And these shoes:

Dinner went great with Mom and Dad and our great friends-Kelley and Tracey:

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