Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorites of 2014-Part 3

Ringing in 2014 at the mountain with great friends.

New Years Eve -Take 2- and Emily's Birthday

This was my favorite movie this year.  It actually came out in 2013 but I discovered it this year.

Tracie's Birthday Party-a weekend away in Eugene, full of running, meals together and dancing.

A Moulin Rouge party with friends

Taking Aaron to his first Cirque show

Great runs with the running group

Learning to wakeboard with these two

Skiing with my Mama

Watching my boy at this sports, Taekwondo sparring competition, football, lacrosse and basketball were some of my highlights.  I love watching him skateboard, snowboard, and wakeboard. He gets so much joy out of his sports.


Getting to spend time with Ashely and Austin over the summer

Halloween Party

Getting to have Austin up here for Christmas and New Years.  We loved getting time to reconnect with him. We saw a movie, went to Seattle to do indoor skydiving, plus he spent a night at the mountain and went sledding, went to a Blazer game, went shopping, enjoyed meals together, worked out together and had a great time.

My Dad healing up from major knee surgery.  We're still praying for your recovery Papa.  I also loved our double date this year to concert Straight No Chaser.

And... to cap the year off, a great New Year's Eve at our house with friends and their kids, with games, crafts and fireworks.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Favorites of 2014 Part 2

Here's Aaron's favorite things and events of 2014:
This fun toy topped the list:

Although this scooter gets more use than anything we own.  Aaron won't ride it outside because he says no one uses a 3 wheeled scooter, especially at the skate park but he rides it through the house day and night.  Here

Discovering lacrosse and playing basketball this winter:

Playing tackle football for the first year.

Going on his first real roller coaster this summer:

Dressing up as Rocky for Halloween:

Aaron learned to like to play in the river thanks to our friend Kevin!  

Visiting the Goonies house and camping this summer: 

Skateboard camp at D block and his first long board:

Discovering some new outdoor places to ride this summer:

The Cirque Du Soleil show

Ringing in 2014 on the mountain at Windell's snowboard camp:

Favorites of 2014-Part 1

Favorite movies:

Grand Budapest Hotel


Edge of Tomorrow



Big Hero 6 -I probably wouldn't have seen this if both my sons hadn't wanted to see it.  It was so fun!  The Lego Movie was so great too.

Mockingjay-more because my son loves the series but still.

What are your favorite movies this year?  I still want to see Gone Girl and American Sniper.  Two of my favorite books this year were Unbroken and Wild.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


We had a great Christmas enjoying family, eating wonderful treats  and enjoying gifts.  Most importantly though we celebrated Jesus being born! 

We opened some presents at our home before heading up to my parents to spend time the family. 

Aaron loved his Christmas gifts.  His favorite being this guy which I added at the last minute.

Since Aaron's brother had a copy we had to get one too and had fun watching this:

My Mom and sisters made a fabulous dinner!  Plus my mom sent me home with these!  Merry Christmas to me.  Dave and I can't put these pretzels down. 

Godiva-best chocolate ever-and the perfect amount-here

We got to play in the park in Battleground with my little nephews,  play some basketball, eat a fabulous meal and scrabble time. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Christmas Eve

Our church put on a wonderful Christmas Eve service that we attended.  After we came home and made a ham dinner.

I found these cool wine markers for people's drinks.

Dave made an amazing ham. Kelley brought perfect potatoes.  We had a huge salad and pie.  Aaron wrote his letter to Santa and he and Austin opened stockings.

Pie time

Table set and ready

Merry Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Blazer Party for Aaron

Aaron had a wonderful 9th Birthday.  He got to spend time with great friends and have a ball.  
Here are some of his favorite gifts from Mom and Dad:

A couple of games

And a new video game:

We love to check out new bakeries for cakes and cupcakes for his birthday.  We went to Kyra's -here to check out their cinnamon rolls.  They were incredible! I wanted to order their cinnamon rolls for the party but at $40 a dozen it was a little much since we're feeding 30.  So, we went with Cinnabon. We bought little containers of milk for the guests and had grapes too.

Our good friend Ali gave Aaron money and this awesome Blazer scarf so she's a hero in his book.  He also got a Leatherman pocket knife from another friend which he guards with his life:)

I really want to check out Baker and Spice Bakery soon too though: here. We've enjoyed amazing cakes and cupcakes baked by my sisters.  A favorite has also been Piece of Cake here. We usually get the Vegan Irish Oatmeal.

We duplicated last years party and went to Skyhigh again so all the kids could jump.  It's just such a great time for everyone we thought we would go with it again:

Their new rope swing area and basketball area is so cool:

Aaron wanted all his football friends invited plus classmates so we ended up with 24  kids! Thank you AJ, Logan B., Logan S., Joseph, Cooper, Andrew, Jax, Tyler, Zach, Carson,  Wilson, Eli, Hunter, Brayden, Logan M, Alex, Keegan, Aaron, Quinton, Audrey, Mia, Hayden, Jayna, and Camryn for making Aaron's day so special!