Friday, January 31, 2014

January Finds

I finally found perfect Blazer shirts for Dave and I.  Aaron has a good one but we wanted one with a vintage feel.

Jcrew had a tee shirt so I got this shirt for Aaron.
Dave always says this about him so it was fun to find it on a tee.
We put little gifts in his Valentine bag on his chair through Feb 14 so this one will be awaiting him tomorrow morning.

Loved this too

And eeeek-I bought my first pair of real pumps. Most my dress shoes are wedges or small heels but I'm going to give these a try:

Also, looking forward to wearing this perfect skirt in lots of ways. Here's one look:

January Highlights

I ran 103 miles this month. This is down from my normal 140 but I'll take it because I was trying to get in some snowboarding and fun workout classes too.
This Book

These movies

New Years Redo and Emily's Birthday
Ahh some wonderful massages here with the best masseuse ever Orein-If you live on the west side of Portland give him a try. He does really deep tissue massage which I love.

Aaron started winter basketball and I got to go see a couple games.
We got snow on our mountain and got to go snowboarding!

Plus Aaron's having fun with some new jumps at skateboard lessons.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Emily's Birthday and New Years Eve Take Two

We do a little New Years Eve redo for friends who missed the mountain bash tradition and for the kids every year.  We've been combining it with dear friend Emily's birthday party too. I wanted to try this drink for New Years but we didn't get the edible luster so we tried it for Emily's Birthday.
I love how pretty the sugar cubes look in the champagne glasses:

Images from the night

Aaron and Lauren playing. They dressed up for New Years Redo 

Kelley made an amazing spaghetti dinner with perfect sauce! 

Everyone wanted time with new baby Trenton!

New Seasons did a great job with the cakes. They were so good!

Sparklers were a hit!

January Outfits Continued

Outfit 1
Gap dress old with new Jcrew heels:
Similar dress

Outfit 2
One of my favorite things to wear-snowboard gear!
This jacket is similar to mine-here
And most comfortable helmet ever

Outfit 3
I borrowed this outfit idea from  this blogger who posted about wearing a longer tulle skirt with this leather like preplum top.


Outfit 4
Anthropologie sweater-old, Madewell dress-similartightsshoes

Styled dress also with tall boots here:

Outfit 5
Branching out from my Lucky jeans to try some others this week. So,
JeansShoes-(same shoes for next 3 outfits)

Outfit 6

Outfit 7

Outfit 8-

Spring jeans with this top