Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve 2013!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration at Mt Hood.  We get to share the cabin as we call it with Dave's Dad.   Here's a glance at the night:

Black eyed peas decor for luck in the New Year. I think you're supposed to eat them but close enough:)

Kelley made a wonderful pulled pork dish for the tacos.  We seem to always do tacos at the mountain because they are so easy.

Darling couple Joe and Marcella

Our little guy considers these guys family and doesn't think we should have meals without them.  I agree-we can't cook and they can. Plus, they are wonderful company.

Dave with his best friends!

Dressed up

Running buddy Michelle and her date Jim

Group shot

Couples Taboo-We lost poor Kelley at this point since he was ill but I got Tracey as my partner.  She's a master at the game.

Then we headed up the street  to the Ratskeller.  They had a great reggae band-with an amazing trumpet player: info here

Band with their tails

Betsy and Rich

Back at the house for champagne toast, sparklers and watching the ball drop/fireworks off the mountain. Plus we tried a couple of our own mortars which was tricky without the right tube. Probably will wait on that next time-oopps-lots of smoke. Thanks Richard for trying attempting it with poor equipment.

Ringing the New Years in with this bunch was such a ball!  

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